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Chocolate and Red Wine the Key to Successful Weight Loss?

Professor Tim Spector of King’s College London, reveals new diet research suggesting it is not calorie counting but the ‘good bacteria’ in your gut that helps you stay slim. Spector claims we should eat foods such as chees, chocolate, nuts, red wine, coffee and dairy products because (again, according to Spector) successful dieting isn’t down to calorie counting but the ‘good bacteria’ in a person’s gut.

Some of these aid digestion, others influence appetite and fat storage. But not all are helpful. Professor Spector suggests that by eating the right foods, we can cultivate more good bacteria, and so stay slim and healthy.Slimming supplements

Spector stated ‘We ingest these microbes and they end up in our gut, where they diversify with the new foods we introduce over the years…The more diverse foods we eat, the more varieties of microbes in our bodies, which makes us healthier.’

Herein lies the premise of cheese, chocolate and nuts. Dairy products including unpasteurised cheese, probiotic yogurt should be enjoyed often as they increase microbe levels. Nuts, oil and seeds act as a fertiliser for microbes, allowing them an environment in which to thrive in.

Spector claims this is why those in the Mediterranean live longer than British as they have a variety of food within their diet such as cheese, olive oil and salads which are high in polyphenols which microbes feed on, making us slim. Gut bacteria also thrive on chocolate and red wine – but don’t get too excited because junk food is off-limits. In fact junk food actually reduces the amount of good bacteria in the gut.

Professor Spector concludes ‘Microbes are essential for digesting food and controlling the calories we absorb, whilst providing vital enzymes and vitamins… It is clear that the more diverse your diet, the more diverse your microbes and the better your health at any age.’

Whether you believe this research to be true or not, one thing remains clear. A well-balanced varied diet is key to having a healthy body. And yes, we all know that weight loss can be achieved through eating a healthy, balanced diet (as the research suggests) & exercise, but for those struggling still, a weight loss supplement such as an effective fat burner may be a useful aid to help achieve weight loss goals.