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The Best Type of Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss


Cardiovascular exercise will help you lose weight fast from your body. You must perform cardiovascular exercise regularly to get good results, and you can even do other activities, such as playing with your children, home improvement, gardening, daily house work and gym. The main thing is that you must stick to your workout plan to help with your weight loss.

Here are some of the best aerobics exercises or cardio to help you lose weight fast:


Running is the best way to aid weight loss, as it involves all the lower parts of your body, including soleus and gastrocnemius muscles, hamstrings, hip flexers and quadriceps. It helps burn a large number of calories and liquidates your body fat. Further, it also helps improve your athletic performance and fitness.


Rowing on a machine is the best cardio exercise as it involves all the major muscles of your body. It has a higher compared to any other cardio exercise. It burns around 840 calories per hour.



Jumping Rope or skipping provides a good aerobic workout. Skipping involves a great amount of focus, patience, skill and strength.


Walking burns 350 to 400 calories per hour which is much less than running and skipping. However it is a low intensity exercise that is suitable for all but still helps aid weight loss.


It is generally said that 15 minutes of cycling is equal to 45 minutes of walking. Therefore cycling has more intensity than walking. It liquidates 600 calories per hour. For body builders, cycling proves to be a boon as it involves all the body parts.


Swimming is as effective as cycling and burns the same amount of calories as cycling. It provides a total body workout. It improves athletic performance and fitness.


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. With this technique, you can burn more calories in less gym time. It suppresses your insulin levels and raises the metabolic rate.effective ways to burn bod


Things to Remember:

These are the different types of cardio exercises to fat. But, keep in mind that while adopting these techniques, you have to follow certain guidelines which are as follows:

  1. The intensity of these exercises should be gradually increased to prevent injury types of exercises should be taken slowly. They should not be started abruptly.
  2. Do the exercise according to your capacity.
  3. Drink water before doing exercise.
  4. Do not consume food immediately before doing exercise.
  5. Ensure you have a nutritious, balanced diets while you are training

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