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Can Oranges Really Help Fight The Flab?

According to the latest study, oranges and grapes may be the key to fighting obesity.  Warwick University researchers suggest red grapes contain a compound known as trans-resveratrol, and oranges contain a compound known as hesperetin, both of which they combined into a pill to reveal astounding results.Metaburn

It seems the two compounds in combination work to lower blood glucose, improve the use of insulin within the body as well as improve the health of arteries.

Together, trans-resveratrol and hesperetin increase levels of a protein called glyoxalase 1 (Glo1), which cancels out the harmful effects of methylglyoxal (MG). MG is a huge contributor to the damaging effects of sugar.

An increased level of MG that occurs as a result of a high energy diet, is the main cause of insulin resistance, which results in type 2 diabetes.

Increased MG levels can also damage blood vessels and damage the way the body manages cholesterol, which is linked to increased risk of heart disease.

Hindering MG improved health in overweight and obese people, and according to lead researcher Professor Thornalley, will likely help patients with diabetes and high risk of cardiovascular disease too.

Thornalley warned against consuming these essential compounds from the fruit alone. Apparently they should only be consumed in pharmaceutical doses because a person would have to drink around 10 litres of orange juice and grape juice each day just to reach the levels required. This would result in sugar intake being far too high and produce the opposite effects to the capsule’s aim. Thornalley summarised “The bottom line is that they are found in fruit but not through eating fruit.”

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