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Can Collagen Supplements Really Make Us Beautiful?

We spend a small fortune on anti-ageing serums, potions and lotions, which promise to smooth away the wrinkles and take years off us. But are we wasting our time and money when the real secret to younger-looking skin could be in the shape of a collagen pill?


The cosmetic industry is now inundated with collagen supplements, which are packed with nourishing ingredients said to work from the inside out, but how do they actually work?

Unlike traditional & more commonly available topical-use skin care products that produce a brief external cosmetic fix, collagen supplements have been specifically designed in a capsule form for internal use in order to create a long-term improvement to internal skin health, which in turn creates longer lasting improvements in the overall health of skin.

Why is collagen so important?

Collagen accounts for 75% of youthful skin and is the main structural protein in the skin and is involved in cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of the skin. It is the component that makes skin strong and resilient. Our ability to synthesise collagen diminishes as we age, and when collagen molecules are damaged, skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag, wrinkle and age.

The more collagen you have the more healthy, elastic and supple your skin is and the more youthful it appears. Alarmingly, we lose 1.5% of the collagen in our skin each year after the age of 20. This loss results in skin ageing, including wrinkles, fine lines, dry, blemished and thinning skin.

A closer look at the market leading collagen supplement

Perfectace’s Platinum Collagen is an exclusive, age-defying product that works from the inside out to create a lasting, visible improvement in the appearance of your skin.

Platinum Collagen provides a high quality source of pure marine collagen combined with essential vitamins and minerals that have been proven to improve skin structure and appearance. The product has been carefully formulated by scientists and dermatologists who have selected scientifically validated and trialled ingredients that have been shown to create results.


What makes Perfectace different to other collagen supplements?

Perfectace Platinum Collagen uses Peptan, the world’s leading collagen peptide for skin beauty. Peptan is a proven key nutrient for skin beauty. Its high quality, scientifically proven efficacy and broad application makes Peptan the ‘Beauty from within’ ingredient of choice.

Peptan collagen peptides are made from deep sea fish skin which are proven to have high absorption and results. Peptan collagens are produced from selected, high-quality raw materials subject to continuous rigorous checks on safety and origin. This is where Perfectace Platinum Collagen differs from other collagen based products which can be made from lower quality biovine (cow) or pig sources. The Peptan collagen selected for Perfectace Platinum Collagen is of the highest quality fish-ONLY source.

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