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Best Way to Help Support Healthy Digestion

Colon cleanse

A regular digestive system cleanse is always a good idea in order to feel great. It increases your energy levels, helps decrease bloating, can promote weight loss and helps you feel ‘clean’ within which helps you to focus on your body’s dietary needs versus your food cravings. In short, it helps you make better food choices (which is always a positive).

The best way to clean digestive system is with a colon cleanser that really works! Food travels down into our small and then large intestines (colon) and here in the colon is where nutrients are absorbed from the foods we eat. The healthier the food we eat, the more essential nutrients absorbed; and the better the absorption, the healthier your body is; and as a result, the better the intestines (and other bodily functions) work. Optimal function of the intestines is paramount in order to support your overall health. The intestines are also the body’s first line of defence within the immune system.

Studies have shown that poor digestion can result in gut flora imbalance leading to recurrent yeast infections, chronic constipation or diarrhoea or acid reflux not to mention poor nutrient absorption resulting in nutrient deficiencies and ultimately poor health, and more prone to common illnesses and infections. Hence why we need effective colon irrigation. The most common ways to cleanse the digestive system are detoxes and colonic irrigation. Though these are common, it does not make them the most effective. The most effective is one that cleanses the ‘entire’ intestinal tract. Unfortunately, no detox does this and colonic irrigation only focus’ on cleansing the large intestine.

Colon cleanse

The best colon cleanse products help the intestines to function at their best, promoting digestion and nutrient absorption. In order to completely cleanse the intestines of toxin build-up (caused by an unhealthy diet), Biofilm needs to be eliminated. Biofilm is a build-up of toxins that attaches itself to the intestinal walls, forming an impenetrable barrier, preventing nutrient absorption and hindering digestion.

The intestines themselves have a healthy mucus layer which can unfortunately be washed away with colonic irrigation, so it is best to look for a product that allows the mucus layer to remain and flourish. By eliminating the biofilm in a non-invasive, scientific way, the healthy mucus is untouched and able to function once again. Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse contains fermented fibre of the bark of a palm tree. This fibre penetrates the dense structures of the biofilm, without damaging these structures. The second main ingredient is Okra, which takes in 100x its weight in water and therefore once within the biofilm, the biofilm starts to swell with water, becomes hydrated and then top-heavy. As a result the biofilm can easily slip out of the body (no, it doesn’t sound or look pretty, but it is extremely effective).

When the biofilm has been eliminated the healthy mucous layer is able to recover and the intestines are able to function optimally, helping to support and promote healthy digestion and help improve overall health.