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Beauty Hacks to Get your Skin Sunshine Ready

Beauty hacks may not be necessary considering we all look absolutely amazing in the summer sun but it can’t hurt to ‘amp’ up our assets. So outlined below are a few things we can do to ensure we look our best this summer.

Reduce water retention and de-puff skin with a relaxing bath full of Epsom Salts. Let’s face it, de-puffed skin will look much more slender and svelte in summer attire.

Exfoliate your skin smooth. Buy an effective body exfoliator, and starting at your feet, in circular motions, work your way up to your legs to reduce dry skin, leaving legs perfectly smooth. Exfoliating in this way will also promote circulation, helping reduce the appearance of any unsightly thread veins, revealing beautiful legs.

Moisturise day and night. Use a daily moisturiser, not only on your face but on your body also. A superior cream packed full of skin hydrating humectants, collagen for skin plumping effects and a generous consistency with superior absorbency for enhanced moisturisation. Moisturised skin needs little else to look both healthy and beautiful.

If you need to – Fake it. Get a spray tan either professionally or DIY. Bronzed skin always looks amazing in the sun, plus it’s a great alternative to sun bathing for hours to achieve the same bronzed look (which of course causes more skin damage than good).

Beautify your feet. This is the time of year your feet actually make an appearance on a daily basis. Give yourself a home pedicure, buff & smooth away any hard skin and again moisturise feet daily to ensure your feet are street-worthy ready every day.

Healthy skin will always be the best beauty hack. It results in the need for little to no make-up with a natural, radiant complexion. Look after your skin this summer and you will look your best, whatever you wear, throughout the sun-filled season.