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How to do the Metaburn Programme

Looking to slim down? To get beach body ready? Or to help improve one’s health? There are many ways to do this. A healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating right is always the best way. A calorie controlled diet is beneficial but can be hard to maintain. This is because many of us don’t know how many calories are in a single piece of fruit let alone a homemade lasagne – and portion sizes…what are they? It can all be very confusing, time consuming and daunting in the beginning. One way to help combat this is to incorporate a weight loss shake into your diet that replaces one or two meals a day...
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Metashake – The No.1 Weight Loss Shake

Weight loss shakes are a godsend for many dieters. Why? Because of their convenience! No meal planning – convenient. No calorie counting as it’s already done for you – convenient. No need to make or plan meals in advance – convenient. Oh, and did I mention they are convenient? Each shake fits into life perfectly: Breakfast = Shake. Lunchtime = Shake. The only meal one has to even consider is dinner which, as with most dieters, will probably contain an abundance of vegetables, lean protein and not much carbs. So, if you are following a calorie controlled diet, it is because you want to consume...
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Metacleanse – The No. 1 Detox Choice

Ever wondered how detoxing can benefit the body? Let’s first understand why we should detox. Now, unless you eat a healthy diet, balanced full of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and few carbs, then the processed foods & alcoholic/sugar-filled beverages you do eat produce toxins in the body. These toxins can adversely affect the body’s natural processes such as disrupt digestion, metabolism, skin health, mood and even cause premature ageing. Poor digestion can lead to constipation, IBS & bloating, and slow metabolism can lead to weight gain. A good detox can remove built up stored waste in...
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How to Get Summer Sexy Legs

When the British summer finally decides to arrive, we want to be ready. Legs finally get to see the light of day, so here are a few ways to make sure they are show-off worthy, summer-sun ready. The colder weather has been harsh to skin. Hydrating moisturisers and creamy shower product will help reduce a scaly skin appearance. Interestingly, it seems acne pads are also a useful little tool to help reduce dry skin. The active ingredients salicylic acid helps remove dead skin cells. Use before applying moisturiser so the cream is absorbed by the skin more effectively. Wax don’t shave. Shaving removes...
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Chocolate and Red Wine the Key to Successful Weight Loss?

Professor Tim Spector of King’s College London, reveals new diet research suggesting it is not calorie counting but the ‘good bacteria’ in your gut that helps you stay slim. Spector claims we should eat foods such as chees, chocolate, nuts, red wine, coffee and dairy products because (again, according to Spector) successful dieting isn’t down to calorie counting but the ‘good bacteria’ in a person’s gut. Some of these aid digestion, others influence appetite and fat storage. But not all are helpful. Professor Spector suggests that by eating the right foods, we can cultivate more good...
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