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6 Ways to Boost your Summer Weight Loss

1. summer weight lossWater. Water. Water.

Stay hydrated and drink at least 2 litres (4 pints) of water a day. This will help keep you hydrated, help your body’s cells function and eliminate toxin build up in the body. It will also help you consume less at mealtimes if you drink water before & during as it will make you feel fuller.

2. Weights. Weights. Weights.

Don’t be afraid of strength training especially if you are a woman. Weights are your friend. They help build muscle which in turn burns fat. Women may shy away from weights as they do not want to bulk up like men, but this is unlikely to happen unless you are training like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Results from strength training can be seen all over the internet so you can easily find inspiration and proof that it really does work.

3. Cook at home

Sounds obvious but fast food, take-aways and processed foods seem to have overtaken our lives. Cooking at home doesn’t mean popping some chips in the oven, it means cooking from scratch. Preparing each meal so that you know exactly what is going into it. This allows you to control what you are eating and portion size and ensures meals are prepared healthily. Only you can control what you eat.

4. Eat Smart.

  • Opt for food sources that will keep you feeling full but have fewer calories such as broccoli, beans, grains, lentils, pulses.
  • Change white carbs such as white bread, pasta and rice to brown, wholewheat or wholegrain options. ‘white carbs’ digest easily and are absorbed in the body quickly which causing insulin levels to spike. This helps convert sugar into fat thereby hindering fat burning.
  • Add more vegetables to your meals instead of increasing other food groups. Vegetables will fill you up without stacking up the calories. It’s a much healthier way to feeling full.
  • Portion size – become familiar with this concept. The Eatwell Guide (which can be found online) outlines what foods should ideally be on your plate and what amount. This guide is a great place to start when beginning your weight loss journey.

5. Avoid foods labelled ‘diet’ foods

These foods are usually sweetened with sugars or alcohol which can cause bloating! (Also, they’re just not healthy lifestyle friendly).

6. Plan your meals

Planning will make you more likely to stick to your weight loss goals. This way you will know what foods to buy, when to buy them, what you will eat each day. Organisation is key to healthy eating. Once you have become accustomed to the meals, prep, and ingredients there will more than likely be no need to plan, but hey…you’ve got to start somewhere!


Did any these slimming tips help? Leave us a comment and let us know your best tips for weight loss success!