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Why Not Try Some of These Summer Beauty Hacks (for when we finally see some sun)?

  Disguise tan lines Cut-out swimsuits and summer clothing can lead to the emergence of annoying tan lines. Hide them with ease by applying moisturiser to your tanned skin and then (with a makeup sponge) apply self-tanner to the white lines. Make sure to blend the colour evenly for crafty disguise.     Swap foundation for a tinted facial moisturiser Use a tinted facial moisturiser with an SPF built in – this way you spend less time applying make-up and more time enjoying the summer sun! The added SPF is a bonus so you only have one product to apply. Who doesn’t love...
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The Best Digestive System Cleanse for You

The best way to do an effective digestive system cleanse is to choose the method that benefits you and your needs. The first option is a Detox. A detox is a great place to start when you have overindulged for instance over the Christmas period or if you live an unhealthy lifestyle and wish to change it for the better. Detoxes vary in ingredients but generally work the same – to remove toxins from the digestive tract as well as stagnant waste build-up which also results in some small immediate weight loss. Typically to do a detox you must eat foods such as broth as these require the least amount of...
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Health for Improved Digestive Health

Lactobacillus bacteria live in the small intestine and serve to ferment carbohydrates and breakdown sugars in dairy products. As a result, lactic acid (LA) is produced. LA encourages the release of digestive juices & enzymes from the stomach and improves absorption of certain minerals. Bifidobacterium lives in the colon (large intestine), producing lactic acid which helps breakdown carbs, protein and fat during digestion. It also helps break down food into smaller bits so the body can easily absorb and utilise. Along with these healthy bacteria residing in the intestines for digestive health,...
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