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Sun Protection for Healthy Skin

Low on sun cream? Get some! If this summer is here to stay, you need to be prepared. Sun cream is the only way to protect your skin from skin damage (well sun cream, clothing and the shade, but knowing most of us, we are not hiding in the shade – we are basking in the sun). As we know, sun damage to skin can lead to skin cancer. It also accelerates skin ageing. Therefore, sun protection is a factor not to be overlooked. Kylie Jenner, Julianne Moore, Liv Tyler, Nicole Kidman and many more celebrities also rave about the importance of sun protection for skin health – not just the important...
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Losing Weight is a Journey

Losing weight is a very personal journey and each individual will have their own process of succeeding. Recently Kim Kardashian has revealed it was the Atkins diet that helped her achieve her weight loss goals and lose an amazing 70 pounds! (That’s 5 stone to you and me). Huge success. Diets such as Atkins can be difficult for many to stick to as it is strict on food groups you can eat. Not everyone can stay on track, especially when certain foods are ‘forbidden’ – this just makes you want them more. If such diets do not appeal to you, and you wish to continue eating all food groups (in...
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Pollution Protection for Youthful Skin

In order for skin to look youthful and radiant with a glowing complexion, skin needs to be healthy. But every day air pollution can actually damage skin. The main cause of skin damage from pollution is considered to be from what is called ‘Ozone’. The Ozone Layer as we know it absorbs UV rays, protecting us from skin cancer. But low lying ozone creates a type of toxic gas when UV hits its molecules, and this is believed to be a huge cause of skin damage. How? The epidermis (outer layer of skin) contains lipids. It is believed that Ozone breaks these lipids down, compromising the skins barrier so...
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Sign up to the Metaburn Programme

Have you been following our blogs regarding the Metaburn Programme, what it consists of and how to do it? Yes? Great, you are all clued up! If you’ve missed them, you can simply click here to find out more about Metacleanse, Metashake and the Metaburn Programme itself. The Metaburn weight loss program has been designed by qualified UK healthcare professionals to help make your weight loss journey easy, healthy and fit around your lifestyle. Remember, the beauty of Metaburn is that it is not simply a weight loss aid but a path toward a complete lifestyle change. This is a process – a weight loss...
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How to do the Metaburn Programme

Looking to slim down? To get beach body ready? Or to help improve one’s health? There are many ways to do this. A healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating right is always the best way. A calorie controlled diet is beneficial but can be hard to maintain. This is because many of us don’t know how many calories are in a single piece of fruit let alone a homemade lasagne – and portion sizes…what are they? It can all be very confusing, time consuming and daunting in the beginning. One way to help combat this is to incorporate a weight loss shake into your diet that replaces one or two meals a day...
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