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Fat Burning Foods & Drinks That Help You Lose Weight

In this series of blogs I’m going to look at fat burning foods and drinks that can help you lose weight. This week we take a look at green coffee bean extract, the new weight loss ingredient that’s set to be the fat burning ingredient of the year! Green coffee beans are the raw, unroasted seeds of the coffee fruit. These seeds are normally roasted to provide the dark, aromatic coffee beans that are ground to make drinks however the raw green coffee beans contain a potent active ingredient that is degraded and lost in the roasting process. The most important active ingredient in the green coffee...
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Stay Happy and Healthy This Winter

Banish Cold & Flu This Winter! If your wintertime fatigue just won’t go away, chances are you may be deficient in vitamin D. Researchers have found that people with low levels could be up to three times more likely to contract a cold in winter. Health Tip: Covering coughs and sneezes with your hands often results in passing along your germs to others. When you feel a sneeze or cough coming, use a tissue, then throw it away immediately. We Recommend: D-Max Vitamin D3 5000iu Helps the body maintain healthy bones, teeth and immune system. Contains OptiZyme which is clinically proven to...
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Can Collagen Supplements Really Make Us Beautiful?

We spend a small fortune on anti-ageing serums, potions and lotions, which promise to smooth away the wrinkles and take years off us. But are we wasting our time and money when the real secret to younger-looking skin could be in the shape of a collagen pill? The cosmetic industry is now inundated with collagen supplements, which are packed with nourishing ingredients said to work from the inside out, but how do they actually work? Unlike traditional & more commonly available topical-use skin care products that produce a brief external cosmetic fix, collagen supplements have been specifically...
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