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Large Scale Study Links Asthma To Lack Of Vitamin D

A new large scale study has found a possible link between vitamin D deficiency and asthma. The study – published in The European Journal of Allergy (1) – found that asthma patients with a vitamin D deficiency were 25% more likely to suffer asthma attacks than those with regular levels. Data captured from more than 300,000 people was used in the study, with information from 21,000 asthma sufferers being analysed to gain the results. Vitamin D is delivered to the body via sunshine and can also be ingested via fortified foods or specialist supplements. Vitamin Planet supplies the revolutionary...
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Low Levels Of Vitamin D Can Increase Your Chances Of Catching A Cold

Vitamin D has been in the news this week, as new research from the University of Colorado has found that low levels of vitamin D can interfere with bacteria-fighting molecules called hCAP-18 that help to stimulate immune cells. This means that if you’re deficient or low of vitamin D, your risk of catching colds and the flu raises by at least a third. Who is most at risk of vitamin D deficiency? Naturally dark skinned people – who need more UV exposure to produce adequate levels of vitamin D as the pigment in their skin reduces UV penetration. Over 60’S – At the age of 60 the...
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