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Jivesse Marine Collagen works from the inside out to help you feel revitalised and leave you with a youthful looking glow

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For a long time people have been searching for the secret for eternal youth. Part of the lore of Alchemy involved the Philosophers Stone which not only could turn base metal into gold but was the elixir of life allowing regeneration and possibly immortality. As you get older wrinkles inevitable appear on your skin and you start to feel like King Canute trying to hold back the tide. Now I am in my forties I am always looking for ways to keep my skin looking youthful. Luckily I do not have many wrinkles yet which I put down to a good skin care regime since my teens. I always make the time to cleanse and moisturise my skin. I do have some fine lines appearing and when I was asked if I wanted to try Jivesse Marine Collagen Cream I was happy to.

Jivess Marine Collagen Cream

Jivesse Marine Collagen cream has the bold claim that it contains the science of youth. It is an anti-aging and hydrating cream that acts to rejuvenate your skin and increase the production of collagen. Collagen is vital for skin elasticity and is found naturally in skin. As well as marine collagen the Jivesse cream contains an essential herb elixir which acts to boost your skins renewal making it appear fresher and clearer and help to reduce acne scars. Using the cream regularly should result in the skin appearing firmer and more youthful, with visible wrinkles being reduced. I was looking forward to seeing how well it worked. I have previously tried Qsilica Pro Collagen which is a food supplement so I was aware collagen worked well with my skin. I wanted to see if using it in a cream format would make any difference.

Jivess Marine Collagen Cream

The first thing I noticed about the product was the gorgeous packaging. The white box with its simple logo and band of blue looks stylish and elegant. The pot inside is a lovely green blue colour which reminds me of the sea The gold lid adds a luxury feel. I would be happy to have this on display in my bathroom or dressing table.

Jivess Marine Collagen Cream

On opening the lid I was expecting to see the cream but the jar uses a unique design which prevents the cream coming in contact with the air. This protects the cream from exposure to light and contamination which makes the active ingredients in the cream last longer. To get the cream out of the jar you press down on the plastic and a pump action will release a little bit of the cream. It is only a little bit as well and this is ideal for making sure you do not use too much. Indeed you only need to use a little to make your skin feel pampered.

Jivess Marine Collagen Cream

When I first used the cream I was struck by the smell. It is a lovely smell that reminded me of a sea breeze on a summers day. It made the cream a pleasure to use and the smell lingered on my skin for a while after use. The cream is absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling velvety soft afterwards. My skin did not feel at all sticky after using the cream and my skin felt soft all day. After a week of use I can see and feel the difference in my skin, it is definitely looking more youthful. I always wondered if it was worth paying more for a moisturising cream, thinking they were much of a muchness. This cream has impressed me and it is worth paying more for. I expect that the pot will last a while as I have not needed to use much cream daily to make my skin feel soft.

I was sent the cream in return for an honest review, my opinions are my own.